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PB pipe fittings system

PB pipe fittings system are directly supplied by C&N AQUATHERM, the one stop supplier for aquatherm products online & offline. We are factory outlets dedicated to the sales and distribution of plumbing, hard-wares, building materials and sanitary products. We have hundreds of genuine manufacturing factories across China and a team of professionals in charge of market and factory guiding, translating and interpreting, sourcing, warehousing, container loading, shipping, forwarding and after-sales following.

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Honesty is our best policy. We have every confidence to guarantee that all of our products are directly from true factories making same products, not factories buying elsewhere from other factories. We are committed to offering nothing but the best services, when you put your trusts in us, we do our best to honor your trust. We aim to be the one second to none.

PB pipe fittings system

PB pipe fittings system

PB—“Gold in Plastic Series
C&N Aquatherm PB pipe is made of Polybutylenes material which is a resin party of the poly Orephine extracted fom Poly Buden-1,it has an outstanding corrosion resistance and chemical resistance,so is being used widely for the interior pipe laying projects. PB pipe is made of polybutene (C4H8). There is no pollution when processing and being used. Because of its security, intensity, and flexibility, it is regarded as” gold in plastic series”.
C&N Aquatherm PB pipes and fittings are made of Basel PB, adopt Germany Barton product line.  All products are up to the standard.

C&N Aquatherm PB pipe plumbing features:
1.Long service life of 50 years
2.Creeping nature with heat proof pressure proof
3.Light and soft
4.Conveniently carrying out work
5.Corrosion resistance
6.Impact resistance
7.Suitable for the centrifugal heating system and water supply

PB pipe plumbing  Performance index

Properties Unit Test Method Palconn PB Pipe
Melt Flow Rate g/10min  ASTM D1238  0.5
Density g/cm  ASTM D1505  0.92
Tensile Strength at Yield kgf/cm2  ASTM D 638  175
Tensile Strength at Break kgf/cm2  ASTM D 638  400
Elongation %  ASTM D 638  330
Tensile Modulus kgf/cm2 JIS K7113  4000
Izod Impact Strength kgf/cm/cm  ASTM D 256  No Break
Shore Hardness D scale  ASTM D 2240  60
Melting point °C  DSC  127
Vicat Softening Point  °C  JIS K 7206  119
Brittleness Temp  °C  JIS K 7216  Below-18
Coefficient of Expansion  cm/cm/°C  ASTM D 696  1.3x 10-4
Thermal Conductivity  Kcal/mhr°C  ASTM D 177  0.33


pb pipe plumbing size range

Nominal Diameter Average Diameter Nominal Thickness
minimum maximum S5 S4 S3.2
20 20 20.3 2 2.3 2.8
25 25 25.3 2.3 2.8 3.5
32 32 32.3 2.9 3.6 4.4
pb pipes polybutlene pipe

pb pipes polybutlene pipe

Polybutylene Pipe/PB Pipe Applications:
1. Cold and hot water supply
2. Heating system including flooring heating, wall heating and air-condition system
3. Industrial liquid transportation
4. Snow removing pipe
5. Solar water heating system
6. Agricultural irrigation and garden sprinkle
7. Hot spring pipe
8. Fire-fighting automatic spray system

PB pipe

PB pipe

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