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PP sound-proof drainage pipe & fittings

Sound-proof PP pipes and fittings for sewage, drainage, soil and waste system, View acoustic soil & waste system, xs Product Details from Yiwu Xishun E-Business Firm on Alibaba.com

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1.PP Ultra-Silent pipe fittings characteristics:


flame retardant



resistance to high temperature +90°C [+95°C]

Excellent soundproof performance: much better than cast iron or UPVC drainage pipes.

Super anti corrosion: Inner tube can resist acid up to PH2,resist alkali up to PH12

High temperature resistance: can bare 95°C hot water.


2.The composition of PP silent pipes and fittings.

Soundproof Drainage Piping Systems is made of

Soundproof pipes and fittings for drainage, soil and waste water discharge, low and high temperature, made of PP-MD (Polypropylene and mineral field polypropylene compounds) in diameters Ø32-110 with push-fit connection method.

Polypropylene (PP) piping systems for soil and waste discharge (low and high temperature) within the building structure.

3. Main application of PP silent pipes fittings for drainage:

Can be used for sewage and drainage system of:

office building, hospital, hotel, residential district, villa,

embassy building, hot spring drainage water, etc

The use of this system is to  reduce noise and acoustic vibrations to a level of 19dB*.

So whereve there is requirement for noise reduction.



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