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PVC BS4346 pipe fittings

PVC BS4346 pipe fittings

Description of PVC BS4346 pipe fittings

Items  Descriptions 
Material PVC-U
Products Pipelines for water supply and drain ,Female and male Coupling ,Socket, Cap , Tee , Adapter , Elbow , Reducer, Union , Plug , Pipe Clip , Valve , Plastic Tap and Mould
Size 1/2 –  8”         20-200mm
Standard ASTM D2466, ASTM D2665 , BS4346, NBR5648, DIN8078 / 8077
Machines injection machines
Colors white and gray for PVC products
Working place PVC -15°-60°
Warranty at least 50 years
Delivery time 20-30 days
Packing:nner packing; PEouter packing: carton


Features of PVC BS4346 pipe fittings

Environmental friendly, non-toxic
Excellent perfomance with weather proof, stable and good functionality
Smooth inside wall to keep perssure and strengthen water flow
Light weight and durable application
Easy for installation and operation


Advantages of PVC BS4346 pipe fittings:
1. Insulation,our products can prevent accidental electrocution.
2. Inflaming retarding,it will be extinguished as soon as it left flame.
3. Alkali-proof,Acid-proof,also suit to be installed underground.
4. Excellent material,So please don’t worry about fading and aging.
5. Healthy and safe,It’s conforming to drinking water standards.
6. Resistant to high temperature,also it has good impact in strength.
7. Convenient and reliable installation,be low in construction cost.
8. Excellent heat-insulation property from mini thermal conductivity.
9. Light weight,convenient to transport and handle,labor saving.
10. Smooth inner wall reduce pressure loss and increase flow speed.
11. Sound insulation (reduced by 40% compared to steel pipes).
12. Suitability for both exposed outside and underground installation.
13. Recyclable after used,environment-friendly,green products.
14. Extremely long usage life for at least 50 years but will be beyond.


Our Services
We provide good price for same quality products,
we provide yiwu market guidance and translation services.
we can be your purchasing or buying agent with 3% commission but no hidden commissions or kickbacks.
we also have online retail services for overseas customers who need to buy in small quantities.
we are dedicated to the sales and distribution of plumbing parts, truck trailer parts.
we are pledged to provide services second to none.
we are bond by business concepts of honesty is always the best policy.

1. Are you direct factory?
No, I am just an E-Business Firm dedicated to the sales of plumbing parts, pipes and fittings. However, all our products are directly from genuine factories which have been deemed by us to be competent in providing good products and lower prices.
2. Can you help me with other products beyond your business scope?
Glad to be of any help.
3. Can you guide me when I am in China for business trips?
Glad be of any help.
4. Why choose us?
Firstly, Each and every product are all directly from factories, price competitive enough;
Secondly, We provide OEM/ODM services because we are supported by many professional factories;
Thirdly, We have customers from all over the world.
5.Are your products from same factory?
Sadly, the answer is no. In fact, no companies from within China is big enough for all of the products listed here. We do not claim to be such a company competent in producing all the products. However, We do have many different factories for just one product. The reason for our stock of companies is that we want to offer one-stop purchasing solution for plumbing. On the one hand, having several factories supporting us give us much free choice meeting customers’ different requests, on the other hand, we can guarantee lead time.

Contact me:
Name:Jack Young/Robin HAO
skype: jackyang535

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