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PVC Conduit pipe fittings

PVC Conduit Pipe Fittings

PVC Conduit Pipe Specification

Plastic Pipe Size(mm) Thickness(mm)

pvc conduit pipes

pvc conduit pipes

16mm 0.80/0.90/1.00/1.10/1.20/1.30
20mm 1.00/1.10/1.20/1.30/1.40
25mm 1.10/1.20/1.30/1.40/1.50
32mm 1.30/1.40/1.50/1.60/1.70/1.80
40mm 1.40/1.50/1.60/1.80/2.00
50mm 1.40/1.50/1.60/1.80/2.00
63mm 1.40/1.50/1.60/1.80/2.10

Size can be  made according to per customer’s requirements

PVC Conduit Pipes Main Applications
1.Wire protection.
2.Cable wire channels protection.
3.The protection system of civil and industrial building electrical installation project.
4.The poles brace protection.

PVC Conduit Pipe Superiority

  • Smooth surface and small friction coefficient makes the pvc conduit pipe looks nice, and would not break the surface of the cable.
  • The especially chemical ingredient protects our PVC conduit pipe from gnawing by the mouse/insect.
  • Highly insulated ability. Our PVC conduit pipe would not be breakdown in solid dielectrics, even if it meets 25KV galvanic revelation.
  • Corrosion resistance: With good corrosion resistance, it is acid and alkali resistant .These PVC conduit pipe works perfectly during the erosion resistance testing.
  • Fire resistance: Self-extinguish, do not support combustion.
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