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Geocomposite HDPE Drain Pipe

Geocomposite HDPE Drain Pipe

with curved perforated holes

Geocomposite Drainage Blind drain pipe (round D50-D150 pipe)

Geocomposite Drainage Blind drain pipe (round D50-D150 pipe)

CN Aquatherm Plastic Drainage Ditch ( HDPE) Pipe uses a hydropphilic cloth as filtering medium

Geocomposite HDPE Drain Pipe

CN Aquatherm Plastic Drainage Ditch ( HDPE) Pipe, also called Geocomposite HDPE Drain Pipe, is made of plastic core and outer filtering cloth. In the state of hot melting, it is formed into textile meshed three-D network structure. It has two shapes: rectangle and round. This kind of pipe has some advantages: good drainage capability, high pressure resistance, anti-weathering, chemical article resistence, anti-corrosion, light weight, so it is very popular in a lot of projects.

Structure of our underground drainage geopipe:

upper part(water collecton part): 65%~75%
lower part(Water carrying and drainage part): 25%~35%
Main hole diameter:>3mm
main hole surface:>7.5mm2
mail home ratio:>8000pcs/square meters(unfolded)
ring stiffness:>1.0Kpa。

Application of Geocomposite Drain Pipe:

1)      Highway and roadway subgrade, tunnels,
2)      Retaining wall
3)      Landfill
4)      Roof and garden and lawns
5)      Building foundation
6)      Underground irrigation
7)      Underground drainage
8)      Underground soakaway

Specs.(mm) O.D.(mm) W.T.(mm) hole ratio(%) Hoe PCS/m2 ring stiffness curved ripples number length(m)
φ50 49 3 60 16000pcs/m2 ≥3 KN/M2 24 Normal comes in length of 4M,6M and 9M
φ75 74 3.5 60 12000pcs/m2 ≥3 KN/M2 30
φ89 88 4 60 11000pcs/m2 ≥3 KN/M2 32
φ100 99 4.2 60 10000pcs/m2 ≥3 KN/M2 34
φ110 109 4.5 60 9000pcs/m2 ≥2 KN/M2 37
φ150 149 6 60 7000pcs/m2 ≥2 KN/M2 40
φ160 159 7 60 6000pcs/m2 ≥2 KN/M2 41
φ200 199 8 60 5000pcs/m2 ≥2 KN/M2 45

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